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Emission Test Repair

The dreaded emissions test, everything is fine and dandy and suddenly the notice arrives in the mail. Gotta take the car in for evaluation. Yep here in Illinois it’s a thing. Every few years we are summons to the long waits and friendly staff at the test facilities. Then after all that wham the failure report card.

So what happens next. Where do you go, who can you trust. Seems like in a situation like this everyone is out to get you. And that is not uncommon when it has something to do with compliance. But we are here to tell you that our mission is to get you back on the road fast. Teloloapan Muffler and Brakes II Inc., has been helping drivers pass the emission test without worry for over 2 decades. We even take the car to pass for you. The point is to get you passed by fixing the problem correctly.

We have extensive experience in hard to diagnoze problems and we know the emissions system front to back. So if you got that fail notice look no further. Call us today or bring your car in for a prompt diagnosis and repair.