Teloloapan Muffler & Brake II, Inc., offers comprehensive engine automotive services to the Chicago region as a complete auto repair center.


All vehicles built since 1996 have been equipped with an On Board Diagnostic System that monitors engine performance. That warning is the check engine light. Here at Teloloapan Muffler & Brake II, Inc. we have state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to look at your vehicle’s engine problem, and we have the tools and knowledge to fix it. To prevent this light from coming on, we recommend that you perform regular maintenance on your engine. Additionally, we recommend that at least once a year, you bring your vehicle in for service.

If your engine shows any signs, such as a rough idle, a knocking noise, or worse, bring your car in for repair and we’ll be happy to get your vehicle up and running again.

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Our Engine Services

Our engine maintenance includes:

Our engine repair services includes:

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Expert Repair and Maintenance by ASE Certified Technicians