Emission Repair

Teloloapan Muffler & Brake II, Inc., offers comprehensive emission repair automotive services to the Chicago region as a complete auto repair center.



Teloloapan Muffler & Brake II, Inc. repairs emissions-related failures. The diagnosis and repair of emissions problems has been our specialty in automotive repair, which means that we guarantee your car will pass Illinois emissions test.

When you have a flashing light on the dashboard may be indicative of an emission system problem with your vehicle that is in need of immediate attention to avoid poor fuel mileage performance and to prevent unwanted automotive pollutants from entering the atmosphere.


The OBD test consists of connecting a scan tool to a vehicle’s onboard computer to determine the OBD system status (readiness checks), to determine whether the Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) is commanded to be illuminated, and to retrieve any stored diagnostic trouble codes.

Vehicles will pass the OBD test if the OBD system is working, all required emissions system readiness checks have been completed, and the MIL is not commanded to be illuminated.

Vehicles will fail the OBD test if the MIL is commanded to be illuminated and diagnostic codes are present. It will also fail if the OBD system is inoperable or if the OBD connector is missing, damaged, or inaccessible.

At Teloloapan Muffler & Brake II, Inc., our priority is customer satisfaction and we pride ourselves on providing just that. We offer the highest quality in auto repair and emissions repairs related failures in Chicago, Illinois.

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