Custom Exhaust Systems

What is a custom exhaust system

Typical exhaust systems serve the function of reducing noice and expelling gases that your engine burns. They also serve as way to reduce harmful emissions. An auto enthusiast may need or want more from the vehicles exhaust system.

One of the main benefits of a custom exhaust system is to boost horsepower and torque and maximize an engine’s exhaust flow. In many cases a custom exhaust system is designed for better fuel efficiency, for enhancing a automobiles appearance and or for maximizing engine exhaust sound. And let’s be honest, sometimes you want your car to purr like a kitten.

The 3 types of systems.

Cat-back Exhaust System

Cat-back systems start from the catalytic converter outlet and end at the open air vent. Basically it’s the pipe from the catalytic converter to the muffler and from the muffler to the air vent.

Quality cat-back design have a mandrel-bent turn that allows for gases to be released substantially less back pressure. Typical kits include a glasspack muffler to help eliminate back pressure.

This type of system is designed to magnify lower frequency sounds from he engine.

This is also helpful if you are looking to have more control of the vehicle’s emissions.

Header-back Exhaust System

The header-back exhaust system consists of everything from the exhaust header on back. This includes the header outlet to the final vent and on to open air. Drivers who get a header-back system typically want a custom exhaust that doubles as an aftermarket performance system for cars without a turbocharger.

A header-back exhaust system includes the entire line from the exhaust header to the exhaust. Enthusiasts who get a header-back system are looking for and exhaust that works as a performance e system for cars without a turbocharger.

Inquire about this with your exhaust specialist, if your vehicle does not have a turbocharger and to increase efficiency and power.

Turbo-back Exhaust System

A turbo-back exhaust system contains everything from the header outlet down to the final vent and open air. As opposed to the header-back systems, which are designed to increase performance in cars without turbochargers, the turbo-back system is primarily used as an aftermarket performance system for vehicles with a turbocharger.

Opposite to the header-back system is the turbo-back system, this is for vehicles that do have a turbocharger. It’s similar and runs from the header outlet all the way to the final vent. Some turbo-back systems are substitutes to regular catalytic converters.

A handful of turbo-back systems take the place of stock catalytic converters. Other systems have less flow restriction.

This type of system is for cars that already have a turbocharger.

How we can help

Teloloapan Muffler’s technicians are experts turning your car, suv, light truck, or van into a the street machine you can be proud of

We do custom bends to fit any make or model, we also make custom mufflers, pipes, resonators and other components. We install or modify Header-back, Turbo-back or Cat back exhaust systems.

Our satisfied customers have installed chrome tips, custom mufflers or resonators to reduce noise, or turbochargers to increase power.

Give us a call or stop by the shop, we will help you create the custom exhaust and guide you with options that can help highlight your vehicles power.